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How can I hide icon of Net Control 2 Client in the system tray?

Last Updated 11 months ago

The icon in the system tray cannot be disabled or hidden. We keep this feature as necessary security measure, because a user on the student computer shall be informed that the access to his/her computer is shared and is available remotely for the instructor.

If you need to prevent unauthorized stopping Net Control 2 Client service or modifying its settings that are available by clicking Net Control 2 icon in the System Tray, you can setup the administrator password. The password may be assigned in the Client Configuration dialog window (click Net Control 2 icon in the System Tray, then click "Configure" button, then on "Security" tab of the appeared window, please setup the password in "Administrator password" field). The administrator passwords have effect only in registered versions of the software, this feature is unavailable in Demo or Trial versions of the software.

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