The classroom management system Net Control 2 SmallClass. The software for effective collaboration and interaction between the teacher and students in computer classrooms. Provides access to various teaching, controlling and monitoring features, including the screen sharing, Virtual Whiteboard, polls, tests and quizzes.

Net Control 2 SmallClass


SmallClass edition was specially designed and adapted for small classrooms (up to 20 students in the class) when the teacher works with a fixed set of student computers. Retains all the functionality of the higher Classroom and PRO editions except for group and connection management, centralized deployment and several other features that are uncommon for use in small labs.


With Net Control 2 SmallClass we offer the whole classroom license for one teacher and 20 students for $279.00 only! No subscriptions or recurring fees. Licenses are permanent for the purchased version of the software. Include free technical support and free upgrade period. The lowest cost in comparison with other editions, if you need to use the software with 7 to 20 student computers.


Optimized for small labs. Easy in installation and configuration. Does not require special technical skills to install the software on the classroom computers. Once installed, the software is immediately ready to go. You do not need to create classroom or teacher profiles, manually join students, set up and adjust your network settings that are often required by competing products. Supports all the latest Microsoft Windows versions, including Windows 11.

Net Control 2 SmallClass

Student Console

Net Control 2 SmallClass

The teacher module

Net Control 2 SmallClass

Full screen text message on student computer



Broadcast the teacher's screen to students to explain the material directly from the teacher's computer. Show the screen of one of students to others. Annotate on the screen in the process of demonstration.


Make instant polls, create and run quizzes. Send work files to students and collect them back to the teacher computer in a few clicks. Use the Desktop Recorder tool to prepare tutorials. Share multimedia content and play videos in sync with students. Share ideas with students with the Virtual Whiteboard tool.


Monitor student activity in real time, get an immediate insight into student progress in the class, applications used, websites visited, that helps to remove distractions and increase the efficiency of teaching. .


Use a wide range of communication features: send text messages, screenshots, chat with one or several students, share documents and materials, speak to students and initiate video conferences; receive feedback and help requests from students.


Prevent access to undesirable web-sites and applications, apply restrictions to print and storage devices. Turn computers on and off remotely, manage files and programs. The routine operations of preparing the class for work can now be performed in a few clicks.


Plan your lessons with the built-in Planner tool, keep all lesson events in journals, use flexible and powerful grading tools. For more detailed information about these and many other features, please click the button below.


  • The computer classroom management system (CMS) Net Control SmallClass is a comprehensive solution for automating various tasks that teachers face when working in computer labs.
  • The administration tools can help save your time on preparing the class for the lesson. For example, turning on computers, automating user logins, sending work files, and collecting completed work back at the end of the lesson, closing applications and turning off computers are all done with a few mouse clicks. Many tasks can be scheduled to run automatically on specific time events.
  • With Net Control ² SmallClass software you can abandon additional equipment: instead of using projectors, teachers can broadcast their screen to student computers directly, or display the screen of any of the students to others (that projectors cannot do); the virtual whiteboard can replace interactive panels and boards.
  • Monitoring tools can help you control the classroom activity, get an assessment of what is happening on the student computers, making it possible to maintain discipline, see which of the students may need help, come to the aid of students without getting up from the workplace. Students also have the ability to interact with the teacher, send requests for help, messages, raise their hand, send files to the teacher, and access lesson resources.
  • The application will tell the teacher the lesson plan, what material needs to be explained or what actions should be taken at the moment. Lesson journals will keep a list of the main events that took place during the lesson. The rewards and grade tools will make the lesson more interesting.
  • Try Net Control ² SmallClass now! We hope our software will become an indispensable teacher assistant in your classroom, just as it has become in other schools, universities, colleges, institutions, commercial organizations, on thousands of computers around the world.


Operating system

Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 SP1. 64- or 32-bit editions; or Windows Server 2008R2-2019.


TCP/IP v4 local network (wired or wireless). 100 MBit/s and higher (recommended). Network latency: less than 10ms


0.005-0.2 MBit/s per client: low-traffic operations - 0.01 MBit/s; direct full-screen control with keyboard and mouse - 0.2 MBit/s; broadcast teacher's screen to students - 0.15 MBit/s either for all recipients (Multicast is supported) or per client.


x86- or x64-compatible CPU, Intel Atom 1.2 GHz and higher, Core i3 class CPU and higher is recommended.


Windows 10-7 32 bit: 2 GB;
Windows 11-7 64 Bit, Windows Server: 4 GB.

Disk space

300 MBytes of free disk space for the software. Extra disk space may be necessary for user files (quizzes, desktop records etc.)


  • The license is permanent for the purchased version of the software
  • Does not require any recurring fees
  • Includes free unlimited upgrades to any future version of the same edition within 12 months from the moment of purchase. Further upgrates are not required but are available with 30%-50% discounts.
  • Not expandable: you cannot purchase additional teacher or student licenses to use the software on more than 1 Instructor or 20 Student computers. If you plan to expand the license in future, please consider Net Control 2 Classroom edition instead.


We are happy to offer educational institutions and organizations free 30-day fully-functional evaluation licenses of the software.

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