Net Control 2

Classroom management software

Product comparison

In a few words:

  • Net Control 2 SmallClass is recommended for classrooms that consist of 1 Instructor computer and 8-20 Student computers; one student is controlled by one teacher only. We offer it for only $279.00 per classroom license.
  • Net Control 2 Classroom is better suitable for situations when teachers should work in one or more classrooms (groups), and each student is controlled by 1-5 teachers.
  • Net Control 2 PRO: if there are multiple classrooms in your network, teachers should have access to all (or many) of them; or if you need to manage access permissions for each classroom (group), students use personal devices and can move from one group to other, we recommend Net Control 2 PRO as a special solution for large and complex networks.

All editions include:

  • access to more than 150 of controlling, monitoring, teaching and messaging commands and features;
  • support all modern 32- and 64- bit versions of Windows, including Windows 11 and Server 2019 as also Windows Terminal sessions and thin clients like nComputing, Wyse etc.;
  • permanent licenses, you can use the purchased version of the software without any time limitations;
  • free upgrade period to any future versions within 24 months (Standard/Classroom and PRO Editions) or 12 months (SmallClass Edition); after the free upgrade period we offer 50% discount for upgrade to any future version within 5 years from previous update/purchase.
  • responsible support: we are always happy to help with configuration and adaptation to specific networks;


Net Control 2 SmallClass is a classroom management solution that is intended for small classrooms (1 Instructor, up to 20 Students).

We've specially designed this edition to offer teachers a solution for a minimum possible price, keeping all necessary teaching, controlling and monitoring features in place.

Net Control 2 SmallClass is an ideal solution for a classroom that consists of one teacher computer, up to 20 student computers, when each student computer is connected to one teacher, and teachers work with a fixed set of student computers.

Pros: the best price for 1 Instructor, 20 Students lab;

Cons: it is non expandable (you cannot extend it for 25 students for example or add one more teacher);

12 months of free upgrade period included instead of 24 months for another editions;

SmallClass edition is available only in Windows, we do not offer clients for other platforms;

it does not support automatic deployment through Group Policies (MSI packages), or remote deployment with built in other editions NetDeploy tool;

it does not support groups, i.e. all students are placed in one "default" group;

all teachers of one computer share the same settings, and features cannot be limited for individual teachers with view profiles.


Net Control 2 Classroom (Standard Edition) is a universal solution for any size network, but we primarily recommend it for situations when each student is controlled by a limited number of teachers (1-5). The number of students controlled by each teacher is limited only by your license.

Pros: simple licensing: we offer per-computer (volume) licenses with huge discounts for 50+ computers licenses, as also unlimited site and cost-effective district licenses;

easily expandable: you can purchase and add additional computer licenses to your existing license at any moment;

number of controlled computers is only limited by your license;

available in macOS and Linux;

the mobile client for Android (the student module) can be used with Net Control 2 Classroom version 11;

customizable MSI packages for easy deployment over Active Directory; built-in remote deployment tools;

does not require a server, all settings are stored on teacher computers;

individual settings and groups list for each teacher computer;

many settings may be set up remotely through Active Directory Group Policies;

Cons: in a multi-VLAN environment connections cannot be found automatically, and should be either added manually, imported from a list or AD, or manually scanned by IP address range;

self-registration is not supported: students cannot connect teachers themselves, by choosing a teacher from a list in the student console (please see PRO Edition);


Net Control PRO is a solution for large networks, provides the most flexible way of managing multiple groups (classrooms) in one workspace. For establishing communication between controlling devices, it requires installation of a special Connection Server component on one of computers. Does not require Windows Server OS.

Pros: easy management of computers in a multi-VLAN environment;

the better support of one-to-one and BYOD environments: each student can select a teacher from a list of available teachers and connect him/her automatically; this feature is optional and may be disabled by teachers;

all teachers share the same student groups list, it is managed in one place (on Connection Server) and there is no need to configure each teacher computer individually;

easy access management: administrator can block access of particular teachers to some student groups;

easy functionality management: administrator can limit access for particular teachers to some features of the teacher console, like access to files or system services, leaving only teaching features, for example;

it does not require or rely on Windows Server features, all components including Connection Server may be installed on any desktop operating system, including Windows 11/10;

simple update through Connection Server;

available in macOS, the mobile client for Android (the student module) can be used with Net Control 2 PRO version 11;

Cons: licenses are available only in packs for 100, 250, 500, 1000, Site, 1500 and more computer licenses, existing licenses may be extended at any moment to next license pack only (e.g. 250 to 500, 500 to 1000 etc.);

requires installation of Connection Server component on one of computers of the network, all other computers should have access to this "server" computer.