Net Control 2 Classroom - the classroom management software (CMS) for Windows and macOS, for use in local wired and wireless networks. For effective learning, collaboration between the teacher and students in computer classes. Provides access to various monitoring, teaching, testing and polling features.

Net Control 2 Classroom:


Includes more than 150 various teaching, communication, controlling and monitoring features combined in a user-friendly and easy-to-use user interface. The software was specially designed for schools, libraries, colleges and other educational organizations. May be used in large or small classrooms. Translated to more than 10 languages. Used in thousands locations worldwide on hundreds of thousands computers.


This edition provides the most flexible licensing conditions. Teacher and student computers are licensed separately, without any limitations on the number of controlled computers.
Alternatively, we offer Unlimited Site and School District licenses, which may significantly reduce the per-machine cost, when used in large organizations. All our licenses are permanent (for the purchased version of the software) and do not require any recurring fees.


Net Control ² Classroom is intended for any size networks, but suits better for the environment where each student computer is controlled by up to 10 teachers. Teachers can work with multiple classrooms (groups). Supports automatic deployment with Group Policies. Does not require a domain network or a server. Available for Windows and macOS.



Show the Teacher's screen to students or a screen of any student to others with the Broadcast Desktop tool. Use the built-in annotation tools, speak to students or play the computer's system sound to students during the broadcast.


Create interactive tests and quizzes with the built-in Quiz Constructor tool. In the process of testing, the teacher receives immediate comprehensive statistics in the context of each student. Poll students in a few clicks, and get percentage of correct answers of the class with the quick polls tool. Use Virtual Whiteboard to teach and share your ideas with students instead of regular whiteboards.


With Net Control 2 Classroom, the teacher can quickly assess what is happening in the classroom on student computers. Get information about running applications, open web pages. Lock computers temporarily to maintain student attention. Help students without leaving the teacher's workplace.


The built-in Chat can be used for sending to selected students text messages, images, drawing by hand, sharing documents and files with students. The teacher can speak and listen to students, initiate audio- and videoconferences; send full screen messages, graphics and screenshots.


Restrict access to undesirable web-sites, applications, system settings; disable printing and access to removable devices; turn on and off computers remotely; send and collect documents from students in a few clicks; manage applications remotely.


Create lesson plans with the built-in Planner tool, keep lesson information, events and comments in lesson journals, register students in the class. Grade students, send and display grades on student computers. These and many other features are available for you with Net Control 2 Classroom.

Net Control 2 Classroom

Virtual Whiteboard

Net Control 2 SmallClass

The teacher module. The Avatar mode.

Net Control 2 SmallClass

Full screen text message on student computer


  • Net Control 2 Classroom class management system is intended for automation of typical teacher tasks in computer classrooms, to facilitate the educational process, make the process more effective and lessons more interesting.
  • Miscellaneous lesson preparation and completion routines such as turning computers on and off, sending various learning materials, collecting files back, running work applications, may be done just from the teacher's seat, in several mouse clicks.
  • In the course of the lesson, the teacher can use modern, visual and effective teaching tools: the screen sharing, Virtual Whiteboard, use audio- and video communication features.
  • Restrictions and monitoring tools and features can help the teacher to maintain discipline in the class and to increase attention to the subject.
  • Includes more than 150 teaching, controlling and monitoring features, combined in a user friendly and intuitive interface. All components of the program support high-resolution monitors (4K), making the image more sharp and clear.
  • Due to its scalable architecture, the software can be used in classrooms of any size, as well as the teacher can work with unlimited number of classrooms (groups) in the network. But with this edition, it is assumed that each student computer should connect a limited number (5-10) of teacher computers. For 1:1 (BYOD) environments, for the situations where students can move from one classroom to another and connect multiple different teachers, belong to multiple different groups, we recommend Net Control 2 Professional edition instead, as a special version for large networks and complex environments.
  • Net Control 2 Classroom can be used with all modern Microsoft Windows versions, including Windows 11 and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit); Apple macOS / OS X 10.8-14. Supports thin and terminal clients, virtual machines.
  • We offer one of the most competitive pricing in the industry, starting from $5.00 per a student computer license, and up to $3290.00 for an unlimited site license, without subscriptions or recurrent fees.
  • All licenses are permanent for the purchased version of the software, and include 24 months of free upgrades to any future versions.


Operating system

Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 (SP1). 64- or 32-bit editions; or Windows Server 2008R2 - 2022. Mac OS X 10.8 - 14.

Net Control 2 for Linux supports Ubuntu and 64-bit Debian Linux


A local network (Ethernet or wireless) that supports TCP/IP v4 protocol, 100 MBit/s and higher. Network latency: less than 10ms


0.005-0.2 MBit/s per client: low-traffic operations - 0.01 MBit/s; direct full-screen control with keyboard and mouse - 0.2 MBit/s; broadcast teacher's screen to students - 0.15 MBit/s either for all recipients (Multicast is supported) or per client.


x86- or x86-64-compatible CPU, Intel Celeron 1.2 GHz and higher.


Windows 10-7 32 bit: 2 GB;
Windows 11-7 64 Bit, Windows Server: 4 GB.

Disk space

300 MBytes of free disk space for the software. Extra disk space may be necessary for user files (quizzes, desktop records etc.)


All licenses are permanent for the purchased version of the software and do not require any recurring fees.

Volume licenses include installation of teacher and student components in any combination on the specified number of computers. Volume discounts are applied on a per-order basis.



We are happy to offer educational institutions and organizations free 30-day fully-functional evaluation licenses of the software.

To get your free Net Control 2 license, just please fill in the following form:



Version 20-24
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Data Sheet
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