Net Control 2

Classroom management software

How to remove Net Control 2 software from your computers.

The procedure of removal of Net Control 2 software products is simple and may be done with standard tools of your operating system:

1. Microsoft Windows.

The software may be installed in Microsoft Windows environment using either a standard .exe installation package or with a special .msi package for deployment over Active Directory group policies. Respectively, depending on the installation method, to uninstall the software you should use one of the following ways:

1.1. If the software was installed with the standard installation package (.exe) :

open Windows Control Panel (for Windows XP-7: please click "Start"button, then use the menu command "Control Panel"; for Windows 8: please click "Start" button, type in the Search field "Control panel" phrase; for other operating systems please refer to the user guide);

in Control Panel, depending on the using items view mode, in "Programs" section open the "Uninstall program" link, or click the "Add/Remove Programs" icon, or "Programs and Components" icon;

in the appeared window, in the list of installed programs find a link for the installed Net Control 2 program with the version and edition reference, for example, "Net Control 2 PRO Version 11.0", or, "Net Control 2 DEMO Version 11.0", select the line with the program title and click   "Uninstall" link at the top of the list or "Uninstall" button beside the program caption;

when you're uninstalling a fully functional, registered copy of the software, if an administrator password was set up on this computer earlier to prevent unauthorized access and modification of the software and its configuration, the uninstall program may prompt you for this administrator password to continue the removal procedure. If the password was lost, you can reset or change it remotely from the teacher console, or just contact us for further instructions for resetting the password. Demo- and trial versions of the software cannot be protected with the administrator password and the password is not required for the removal procedure.

at next step, depending on the version and the edition of the software, the uninstaller may prompt you to store current settings or clear the configuration. We recommend to keep the settings if you're planning to install the software any time in future or if you're updating the software.;

in any case the uninstallation program does not delete files that you're creating with Net Control 2 programs yourself, such as quiz files, journals, whiteboard and desktop records, logs etc., when necessary, you should delete these files manually;

restart the computer to complete the procedure and to apply changes in the system configuration.

1.2. If the software was installed with the special .msi package and Active Directory group policies.

To remove the software, which was installed by publishing the package in Active Directory group policies, please open the group policy where the package was published; in the section Computer Configuration - Software Settings - Software installation find a link for the installation package and delete it from the specified section; close the group policy. Changes will be applied after restart of student/teacher computers when group policies are applied to domain computers.

The software installed with group policies and MSI packages also may be uninstalled manually from each computer individually, using Windows Control Panel as specified in p.1.1 of this document.


2. Mac OS

In Finder window, find and open Applications folder, in this folder find a folder where Net Control 2 software is installed, for example "Net Control 2 PRO Version 11.0", or, "Net Control 2 DEMO Version 11.0", right click on the file name, use the Move to Trash context menu command.


3. iOS, Android

Use standard tools of these operating system that are intended for managing and removal programs. For iOS tap on the program icon, continue pressing 3-5 seconds, when a cross icon appears over the program that you're planning to uninstall click it, follow the instructions. For Android use the standard menu commands Settings - Apps or Application Manager; find the program, click Uninstall link or button.


The latest and the most complete information regarding the installation, configuration and removal of Net Control 2 software you can find in the Documentation section of the Downloads page of our website;