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Net Control 2 classroom management products include more than 150 various teaching, controlling and monitoring features. With Net Control 2 you can easily communicate with students, increase effectiveness of the teaching process, exclude distractions.



The software is intended for local networks and may be easily adapted to almost any existing network infrastructure. Net Control 2 software supports both small peer-to-peer classroom networks and large district-wide multi-VLAN network environments; works with thin clients, RDP sessions and virtual machines.



The software is developed specially for educational and non-profit organizations, and we are happy to offer one of the most competitive purchase conditions. Permanent licenses are available from $279.00 per classroom.

Net Control 2 is a family of classroom management software products, designed for collaboration in classrooms for teachers and students. This classroom management software can become your irreplaceable assistant in teaching and managing school networks, as it helps thousands of other educational sphere professionals around the world in their work.

The teacher is provided with ample opportunities to control the computer classroom over the network and organize the educational process. Teachers can broadcast their screen to students or share a screen of one of students with others; use Virtual Whiteboard to explain the material. Come to student's aid when necessary, by connecting student computers remotely and helping them in a real time. Keep discipline in the classroom, restrict access to undesirable content, websites and applications. Use polls and quizzes to assess the knowledge of students. Plan lessons and keep lesson and grade journals.

In general, this helps to use lesson time more efficiently, as most of the routine operations can now be performed in a few mouse clicks, and just from the teacher's seat. Preparing a class for a lesson, distributing and collecting teaching materials, turning off computers at the end of the lesson, all such operations may be done using one or two commands of the teacher console.

Keeping in mind that educational organizations are often limited in software budgets, we strive to make the product as affordable as possible to schools, colleges, univerisites. The cost of a license for an entire classroom may be comparable to the cost of an operating system license for a single computer.

In addition, we can provide educational and commercial organizations with free full-featured evaluation licenses that may be used within 30 days and prolonged when necessary.

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